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Underwater sightseeing

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Underwater sightseeing

Dive into our semi-submarine and complete your vacation in Umag with a new and unique experience. This unique adventure explores the beauty of Adriatic marine life and offers a spectacular view of the diversity of underwater flora and fauna.

The semi-submarine is a novelty in the offer of the tourist ship fleet in Istria, which will change your view from the bottom of the Adriatic. You can choose between day or night driving in a modern cabin designed for this creative and innovative adventure.

The main goal is to entertain children and adults, but also to educate them about the diversity of flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea. The upper part of the hull of the submarine is above the sea surface at all times, while the lower part is 1.3 m below the sea surface. It offers a spectacular view of an ecosystem that roughly estimates includes more than 6,000 specimens of plants and animals.

Underwater sightseeing on a beautiful sunny day or night ride.

Perhaps it is you who will be responsible for discovering the next species and creating exceptional new memories in the company of your family and friends. Join us in a unique adventure, similar to that of Captain Nemo and the famous submarine Nautilus from Jules Verne’s novel, dive into the sea in an attractive and unique experience for your vacation in Umag, because your smile is our greatest pleasure.

Underwater sightseeing

  • approx. 45min
  • approx. 30min
  • entrance is free
  • port of Umag, Sport Center Park Umag


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